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Mat Rayner
Mat Rayner
Student at SAE
Brisbane, Australia


Student at SAE learning a number of different things. 3d animation and modelling and unreal 4 systems.

I have been lucky enough to watch the evolution of computer graphics from the 8bit days of DOS all the way to our current industry standards and all the while I have never lost my interest and enthusiasm for the medium.

I am a huge Cyberpunk nerd pulling inspiration from the William Gibson sprawl series to the various 80s/90s anime especially the ones inspired by Masamune Shirow. I also love the 1982 Blade Runner film as well as the 2012 Dredd film.
I also have a love of mechs both eastern and western design but I enjoy a more utilitarian industrial look over the sleek space look.
I also enjoy the visual design of stylised assets being a fan of traditional animation as well as new 3d stylisation.


3D Animationhard serface models